My Story

A little more about me…

My story begins in Virginia.  I grew up surrounded by apple orchards and open fields dotted with Queen Anne’s lace and cows.  Growing up, some of my favorite play things were paint chips and an old book of upholstery swatches.  I pretended to take orders from my Mom and my Granny and would design shoebox houses for them decorated with swatches of fabric and cut outs of photos from the Montgomery Ward catalog.  I was also a fashion designer, by the way…  making simple doll clothes out of the scraps that my Mom gave me.
I grew up and received a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences which is the new name for Home Economics.  I wanted to study interior design, consumer economics and learn to make lives more beautiful the same way I had done when I was a kid.  Paths stray and evolve, and I ended up working for many years as a buyer/merchandiser for catalog and then later as a product manager for the development of consumer goods.  This latter position gave me my first taste of what it meant to create bespoke artwork for product.  And I loved it.
Today, I am living in Maine with my husband, Neil, and my little boy, Sammy.  Not long ago, I found Bonnie Christine’s immersion course and I absolutely devoured it.  This!  This is what I always wanted to do…and I have never been happier with my work as it now matches my passion…creating beautiful artwork to nurture home and heart.
My goal is to grow my surface pattern design business, Sweetfire Road, with new licensing partnerships.  Let’s create something beautiful together.