Snowy Day Giveaway!


I’m at home on a beautiful snow day and my debut collection for @modafabrics, Break of Day, is giving me all of the spring time feels!  Who is ready to be out in the garden besides me?  Show of hands!
Let’s have some fun and do a giveaway while we are inside pouring over seed catalogs and planning our dream gardens!
Break of Day ships to your local quilt shop in March 2021… That means this layer cake will get to you before the shops get it!  How fun is that?!
To enter –
+ be a follower of sweetfireroad
+ like this post
+ comment on the thing you’re looking forward to most about spring on my blog post (link in bio)
That’s it!
The winner of this layer cake will be drawn on February 10th at 5pm EST and announced in my stories (Winner will also be dm’d directly)
Contest open just to the US and Canada right now, please…
Have a wonderful week, friends…And thank you for your support!
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Join me for a FREE mini course with Bonnie Christine!


Hello, my pattern loving, art-making, creative friends!

I’m so excited to have just registered for an all new Free Mini Course with Bonnie Christine, that I wanted to share it with you as well!

The class is called: Create a Career in Surface Pattern Design, and it’s FREE!!! Woo-Hoooooo!!! 

In this 4-part video series, Bonnie will be sharing: 

  • How to craft a career (and life!) you love in surface pattern design
  • The essential stages to becoming a designer
  • Mapping out your personalized road to success
  • Creating income as an artist and adding multiple streams of revenue

If you’d like to register for the FREE Mini Class, you can do so right here:


Keep an eye on your inbox for Lesson #1 to arrive on Monday February 8th, 2021. The mini course will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to sign up, watch the lessons… and get excited!   I know I am!  I have been a student of Bonnie’s for years and her teaching style, energy and organized, thoughtful lessons are nothing short of EPIC!  

I’ll meet you there!


P.S. Know someone who might enjoy this free mini course? Forward this email to them so they can join us, too!

P.P.S.  Have questions about surface pattern design?  Email me at

Presale coming soon for Through the Woods

Hi friends!

In response to a significant number of folks messaging me asking for Through the Woods fabrics, I will be running a presale of a few precuts to help folks without a local quilt shop have access to this collection.

I urge you to always support your local quilt shop – but I do hope this will help bring more fabric your way if you’re currently quarantining without a lqs nearby!

Please stay tuned for more updates… I will be announcing the dates for the presale shortly!

Warmly, Jackie

Through the Woods by Sweetfire Road for Moda

Home at last

Dear friends,

A while back, I talked about my big dream and posted it to remind myself of what I want and why.  I spoke about a farmhouse in the country for my family.  A home where dreams could be made together.  I pictured laughter in the house, nights looking up at the sky, a place with quiet solitude and lightning bugs in the summer.

I’m abundantly thankful to say we have found our farmhouse and we are home.  It’s been a long road…one that has lasted for nearly five years for us.  And through many heartbreaks, delays and fears… we found our little house in the forest and made ourselves at home here in December.

I have been reluctant to share our home.  While we are so grateful and humbled by what we have been blessed with, I know many are struggling and I do not take our good fortune lightly…  but I felt I must share our big news to demonstrate to everyone rooting for us that our dream came to pass and that dreams are very much real.

So please, if you are pursuing a dream of any size…big or small… keep going.  Dreams are real.  Magic is real.  And I believe in you.

Thank you all for believing in me.


Scrap Pack Giveaway


I’m giving away a scrap pack of fabric from my upcoming collection for @modafabrics, Break of Day!

If you’re here from instagram, then please comment on this post how you imagine to use these scraps in your next project?  Weekend quilt?  Beautiful scrappy pillow?  Rag doll clothes?  Kitchen apron?  I can’t wait to hear from you!

To complete your entry, make sure you’ve completed these steps:

To enter –
+ be a follower of @sweetfireroad on instagram
+ like this post on instagram
+ comment the creative way you imagine you’ll use these scraps on my blog post (link in bio)
That’s it!
The winner of the scrap pack will be drawn on January 22nd at 5pm EST and announced in my stories (Winner will also be dm’d directly)
Contest open just to the US right now, please… (Our USPS is doing their best to catch up ….but shipping delays outside of our borders are strained right now)
Have a wonderful week, friends…And thank you for your support!
This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram
*fabulous rusty basket not included*

Moda Fabrics + Supplies


Dear Friends,

I’m beyond delighted to announce that I am a new designer with Moda Fabrics + Supplies!  I could not possibly feel more blessed or excited!

For those of you following me who might be unfamiliar with my design journey…  @modafabrics is an internationally known manufacturer of fabrics and finished goods…  and more than that, they are a team of kind, encouraging, supportive and enthusiastic creative professionals.  I will be designing fabric collections for Moda that evoke feelings of home… filled with warmth, wonder and happy memories.

To be designing artwork for fabric collections that will be used to create family heirlooms, quilts and keepsakes fills my heart with immeasurable joy.

My brand new collection, “Break of Day,” launches officially on October 13th!  Please stay tuned!  I CAN NOT WAIT to show you what we are creating together!!

To those of you who have supported me along the way… I love you more than words and thank you with my whole heart.  My cup runneth over.


Shhhh…. Top Secret Friend Green Tomatoes Recipe

My favorite food in all the universe is fried green tomatoes…

Here’s my family’s recipe.  (We don’t use cornmeal like so many recipes)

Green tomatoes (the key is to have green ones that have just a teeny-tiny peek of pink showing through…they’ll be the most tender)




Salt & Pepper

Dredge your sliced tomatoes in flour on both sides…  set aside

Melt about a tablespoon or two of butter in a skillet… make sure the skillet is hot enough that the butter will sizzle when it meets its tomato friends.

Once your skillet is loaded up with maters… the magic happens.  Add a dash of sugar, salt and pepper to the tops of these delightful little tasty wonders.  Let them fry for three to five minutes before flipping…  What you’re looking for is the tomatoes should be golden brown.  Once flipped, repeat the process of adding magical fairy dust (sugar/salt/pepper) to the reverse side.

The sugar will start to caramelize…making for a gooey center tomato with some crunch on the outside.

Flip once again to make sure you got all the sugary goodness nice and fried up.

Plate and serve pipin’ hot …some folks like ranch dressing as a dipping sauce, but not me… I’m a purist!




25 Things About Me



Hi Friends…

Thank you so much for joining me on my journey!

This new chapter of my life as a surface pattern designer is 44 years in the making.  I have so much yet to learn…  I have so much that I want to make and to do and to share…  and I’m so very excited to share this process of learning, and growing and creating with you!

I want to warmly welcome you to get to know me better… and I’d love for you to respond in kind so that I may know you better, too!

Here are 25 random things about me…

1. I have one foot in reality and the other foot firmly in the fantasy world…  I’m one of the lucky ones who never quite lost their sense of childlike wonder & magic.  Thank goodness!
2. My favorite thing to do in this whole world is make my home look beautifully comfortable… I want it to be a reflection of me and a showcase for lovingly worn treasures that I’ve found at flea markets and thrift stores.  The stories these treasures tell make a house feel warm and familiar, I think.
3. I love to ride horseback and wish I would have done more of it when I actually had a horse. As a child, I was so afraid… I’m aiming to do more riding in my future.
4. My son is my world… His name is Sammy and he has long lashes, freckles and the best imagination…He tells one-of-a-kind bedtime stories that are so entertaining.
5. I love to watch the same movies 5.3 million times in a row…they are a great escape.  Practical Magic is one of my all-time favorites.
6. My favorite food is fried green tomatoes… haven’t tried them?  Reach out and I’ll send you my family recipe!
7. I would love to travel the world….but I’ll be happy to start right here in the US with a bit of travel.  My top picks to see are the Round Top flea market in Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, and Charleston, South Carolina
8. I love to garden and get my hands dirty.  I especially love gardens in shades of blue, purple, black, white and silver.
9. I love to find treasures in thrift stores….  farm-inspired treasures from the 30s and 40s are my favorites.
10. My Mom is one of my very best friends and my hero
11. My family and I aspire to own our own farmhouse…someday!
12. I could drink sweet tea until I fell over
13. I worked in a haunted house for years… and I loved loved loved it.  Lol…
14. I’m a Myers Briggs certified trainer.  My profile type is ENFJ
15.  I’m a Cancerian through and through and through!!!!
16.  I have a degree in Home Economics… I love how it has served me in practicality, creativity and independence over the years.
17. I grew up in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia…and am pleased to enjoy the lovely coast of Maine as my home today.
18. I was a product developer for toys for years.  Pretend food, my Cabbage Patch (Vanessa Stacie) and Strawberry Shortcake miniatures are still my favorite children’s toys from my own childhood… oh, and vintage stickers, too!
19. If I could live in a hot bubble bath, I would.
20.  I lose my mind in the fall…  shades of rust, smoky plum, forest green and steely blue are my most favorite and I can be convinced to buy nearly anything in these colors!
21. I am easily dazzled and amused…  I laugh at pretty much everything.
22. I love my husband, Neil, and don’t think I could have found a better match for me on the planet….Moreover, my entire family is wonderful and I’m blessed to have them.  They make me laugh and we go on the best adventures.
23. Symbolism intrigues me… What symbolizes you the most?  I aspire to have a mini tattoo of a bumblebee… my husband’s nickname for me.
24. I love to watch ghost shows!  I watch them until I scare myself to bits… then repeat.
25. I could eat nothing but cute appetizers and party food for the rest of my life. Cute, little party food just tastes better, doesn’t it?

I hope you feel welcome to stop by often…  It’s my sincere wish to have you get to share this new adventure with me.  I hope to delight and inspire you… get to know you… and learn from you.

Please feel free to say hello any time.  And thank you for your love and support.



Things I’ve learned so far in designing fabric for quilters…

In designing for fabric… especially when it comes to fabric companies with a high demographic of quilters, I have learned a couple of things!  I thought I would scribble them down here for those of us who enjoy fabric design or are chasing a dream of designing for fabric.

Here you go:

1 – It’s great if your patterns are both dense and (whenever possible) non-directional so that a quilter can get the most “bang” for their buck and utilize scraps easily!

2 – Try and offer at least one white on white option… this is a favorite of quilters to have in their stash

3 – When it comes to quilting, heroes are always the most impressive, but having loads of complimentary and blender patterns is always a good idea as they are flexible to use for different projects and are more “nimble” within a project than the hero.

4 – There should be 9 to 12 patterns in a collection.  In some cases, design “high” so that you can whittle down the patterns that work best for your licensing partner.

5 – It is beneficial to have 2 -3 color stories… and even more beneficial to have those color stories mix and match well together.

6 – Be careful of using too many brush strokes/delicate detailing.. these marks are difficult to reproduce in mass production.

What else am I leaving out?  Please let me know and I will add to this post!


Happy designing!


Sharing a memory of Pop

I have it on good authority that my great-grandfather who was a farmer used to say, “I don’t need to go to church to know. I see God in the fields, in the change of the seasons, in the fall harvest.”

My whole heart agrees with him… I find my spirituality in nature.