Color Palettes and the Changing of the Seasons

Do you all change the color palette of your home for the seasons?  Recently, I was tasked with making a style guide for my business…and I realized that both professionally and personally… I swap color palettes entirely when it comes to the change over to fall… smoky plums, mustards and forest greens with garnet red and steely blue…and of course, my forever love, rusty/pumpkin orange… My heart just can’t help it.  They are as much a part of me as their summer/spring counterparts…farmhouse green, soft blush pink, worn red, cornflower blue and cream rule those sunshine-y months.

Once, when trying to describe my personal style preferences, I said to someone that I land somewhere between Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks…  Traditional farmhouse country charm meets witchy wondrous smoke and moonlight.  In my heart, I am equal parts both…and they are each two my favorite muses.

And here we are at the time of Lammas…  The traditional first day of harvest time…  A time when one foot is firmly in summer, and the other has crossed over into the dream that is autumn to come.  And I’m perfectly at home in my color-loving heart… swimming happily as the Mother Nature rejoices in both of my color palettes.  The best of both worlds.


My Interview with Bonnie Christine!

What a wonderful blessing it was to get to chat with my teacher and friend, Bonnie Christine.

Please enjoy a link to our interview together, as well as a clickable link to my featured story on her page celebrating designers!

My Creative Journey

Before I started my journey as a surface pattern designer, I was a product development manager for a very ambitious consumer goods company.  I was over-worked, unhappy, and my health was in rough shape.   As much as I loved the team that I worked with, I knew that I desperately needed a change.  My biggest fear was that I lived for work…and as a new Mom, I didn’t want my son to grow up without me being more present in his life.  I changed jobs hoping that a new environment would help, but it was equally frenetic and I was miserable.
It was then that I saw a post from a good friend about Bonnie’s course.  I knew very little about illustrator and even less about being an artist.  But, I loved the idea of creating my own art, working with color, and seeing my work on products.  It resonated with me to my core.  My job had me manufacturing product for major retailers for years, but it was never MY art.  It never felt like “me.”  What would it feel like to walk into a store and see my work on shelves?
Henri Matisse said that “Creativity takes courage.”  With my husband’s support, I made the biggest leap of faith in my life and I quit my toxic job.  This was entirely out of character for me.  I was so unbelievably scared, but honestly, this path with all of its unknowns was safer and brighter to me than staying unhappy and unhealthy where I was before.  I resolved myself to the need for creating a positive change in my career.  And having just said good bye to a reliable paycheck, my biggest challenge was investing in something big and unknown for ME.
But, oh…. was it worth it.
Immediately after beginning this course, I felt empowered, inspired and so very excited!  Bonnie presents the course in delicious little bites… easy to retain and easy to understand.  I absolutely gobbled it up.  And today I find myself with a skill set that can be wielded toward so many different forms of income that my options are truly limitless.
This course gave me a much-needed lifeline back to being a more joyful, grateful, happy version of myself.  It took two years of honing my style, making dozens of patterns, and hearing “no” more times than I can count…but here I am today with a style that I am proud of that reflects my heart…and I’m absolutely over the moon to say that I have two new fabric collections on the horizon.  Can you believe it?!  It really is my dream come true.
The artwork that comes from your hand is as unique as your own fingerprint.  And the world needs to see it.  If you’re on the fence about this course, my advice would be to follow your heart and take the leap…  If nothing else, you’ll learn fantastic skills and join a community of warm-hearted, encouraging supporters.  One of my heroes, David Bowie, said “Go a little bit out of your depth.  And when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting.”
The horizon holds so much for me.  I warmly welcome you to join me on my journey and invite you to reach out to me if you have questions.  It is truly my honor to be an ambassador for Bonnie’s Immersion course.  And I would love to help you succeed with your own creative journey.


My word for this year will be “abundance,” and I’ve decorated a little art print with peonies which symbolize healing, prosperity, and a little bit of bashfulness (which I need to try and overcome to be seen). Little sprigs of rosemary are for remembrance…especially of where I was this time last year when this journey in surface pattern design began. Lots of growing is in store for me this year. Cheers to 2019!

There is beauty everywhere

Not much to say….just enjoying the sights of the season and wishing I had a farm. 🙂

Fall festivals are here!

The color and the spectacle of fall is here! We just went to our first two festivals of the season today. And right on time for the season, the blistering heat that we felt just last week fell away to brisk air and chilly temps. Here’s a bit of fall color for you… with the promise of more to come. Happy Autumn to all!

Off to Canada we go!

We are setting out on the last adventure of a very very busy summer.  My family and I are headed back to Prince Edward Island, Canada.  My husband’s family is from the island…and it is one of the prettiest places on earth.  It’s the land of red clay sand and beautiful forests….and the place that Anne of Green Gables called home.  Here’s a peek at a spectacular sunset on the island for your evening enjoyment.  <3  May you and yours being enjoying a few last lovely adventures together as this summer winds to a close.  <3

Much love, Jackie


Happy Monday

Here’s a little gem to lighter your heart on a Monday.  Enjoy and sending you love, laughter, and comfort to get you through the week!

Farm life

I want to communicate what inspires me and my design through pictures and photos….here’s one of my favorites. It reminds me of my Pop and his farm.

Starting at the beginning! Welcome!

Hi there!! Starting at the beginning with my very first post! Welcome and enjoy!