Color Palettes and the Changing of the Seasons

Do you all change the color palette of your home for the seasons?  Recently, I was tasked with making a style guide for my business…and I realized that both professionally and personally… I swap color palettes entirely when it comes to the change over to fall… smoky plums, mustards and forest greens with garnet red and steely blue…and of course, my forever love, rusty/pumpkin orange… My heart just can’t help it.  They are as much a part of me as their summer/spring counterparts…farmhouse green, soft blush pink, worn red, cornflower blue and cream rule those sunshine-y months.

Once, when trying to describe my personal style preferences, I said to someone that I land somewhere between Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks…  Traditional farmhouse country charm meets witchy wondrous smoke and moonlight.  In my heart, I am equal parts both…and they are each two my favorite muses.

And here we are at the time of Lammas…  The traditional first day of harvest time…  A time when one foot is firmly in summer, and the other has crossed over into the dream that is autumn to come.  And I’m perfectly at home in my color-loving heart… swimming happily as the Mother Nature rejoices in both of my color palettes.  The best of both worlds.