Home at last

Dear friends,

A while back, I talked about my big dream and posted it to remind myself of what I want and why.  I spoke about a farmhouse in the country for my family.  A home where dreams could be made together.  I pictured laughter in the house, nights looking up at the sky, a place with quiet solitude and lightning bugs in the summer.

I’m abundantly thankful to say we have found our farmhouse and we are home.  It’s been a long road…one that has lasted for nearly five years for us.  And through many heartbreaks, delays and fears… we found our little house in the forest and made ourselves at home here in December.

I have been reluctant to share our home.  While we are so grateful and humbled by what we have been blessed with, I know many are struggling and I do not take our good fortune lightly…  but I felt I must share our big news to demonstrate to everyone rooting for us that our dream came to pass and that dreams are very much real.

So please, if you are pursuing a dream of any size…big or small… keep going.  Dreams are real.  Magic is real.  And I believe in you.

Thank you all for believing in me.


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