Shhhh…. Top Secret Friend Green Tomatoes Recipe

My favorite food in all the universe is fried green tomatoes…

Here’s my family’s recipe.  (We don’t use cornmeal like so many recipes)

Green tomatoes (the key is to have green ones that have just a teeny-tiny peek of pink showing through…they’ll be the most tender)




Salt & Pepper

Dredge your sliced tomatoes in flour on both sides…  set aside

Melt about a tablespoon or two of butter in a skillet… make sure the skillet is hot enough that the butter will sizzle when it meets its tomato friends.

Once your skillet is loaded up with maters… the magic happens.  Add a dash of sugar, salt and pepper to the tops of these delightful little tasty wonders.  Let them fry for three to five minutes before flipping…  What you’re looking for is the tomatoes should be golden brown.  Once flipped, repeat the process of adding magical fairy dust (sugar/salt/pepper) to the reverse side.

The sugar will start to caramelize…making for a gooey center tomato with some crunch on the outside.

Flip once again to make sure you got all the sugary goodness nice and fried up.

Plate and serve pipin’ hot …some folks like ranch dressing as a dipping sauce, but not me… I’m a purist!




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