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Introducing...Once Upon a Christmas by Sweetfire Road

I've always wanted to design a Christmas line...but was so intimidated.  I mean, it's Christmas!  It comes laden with joy and tradition...memories and a little mayhem.  It means so much to so many.  Designing a Christmas line was to me like going to the Superbowl.  So, when Moda asked if I'd be interested in tackling this holiday collection, I cried.  I was so excited and so overwhelmed with wanting to make the line in my look and feel ...while at the same time honoring the expectations folks would have for what a Christmas line should look like.  I set to work... And I tried to focus on the sights of the season for my inspiration.  But, guess what?  It was the fragrances of the season that kept sneaking in to my imagination and inspiring me.  Peppermint sticks, freshly baked sugar cookies (with sprinkles!), Evergreen boughs and the scent of snow before a storm danced in my head.  And Once Upon a Christmas was born.  I designed it in hues that remind me of happy childhood memories... Crisp evergreen, Christmas red and a delicious candy pink.  

My sweet Sammy approached me when I was nearly done designing and said, "Mom... You really need to add Santa Claus."  So, I did.  Just for him.  I designed my pattern "Baubles on Branches" to feature a vintage glass Santa Claus as well as a host of other heirloom ornaments.  (btw...Don't your favorite ornaments make your heart happy when you see them come out of their hibernation in storage?  It's like greeting old friends to me when I unpack them)

I hope you love Once Upon a Christmas... This collection features 29 coordinating patterns and my first panel project featuring four beautiful pillows as well as some handy Christmas labels for the backs of your quilts...  

And speaking of quilts... My quilt pattern writing partner, Denise, created some GORGEOUS makes... all with the sensibility of being beginner friendly and easy to piece... so that your makes are a joy to put together and your sanity during the holidays is saved.  

 Once Upon a Christmas is being shown to your local quilt shops now... so please ask for it by name to ensure it's on your cutting table in May 2024.  

xo - Jackie 

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