Vintage Strawberry Pincushions

Vintage Strawberry Pincushions

Hi there, friends... I found the cutest freebie on Pinterest and wanted to share it with you.  This is a tutorial for making the sweetest little strawberry pincushions.  They came together easily and were a very fun make.  My niece, Rory, has a cottage core heart... So, I'm whipping up a strawberry garland just for her.  Use your imagination with these... they are SO FUN.  You could make lavender sachets, pattern weights, ornaments, garlands, and more... I added a nice felt and a little dab of embroidery to my strawberry caps because I'm cute like that... lol... And I really wanted to add red and pink seed beads but couldn't figure out how to stitch them on without the thread showing!  Any tips? 

Here's a link to the pattern: 


Please let know if you make these, will you?  I would love to see how yours turn out!

My sweet strawberries are crafted from fabric from my new collection for Moda, Evermore.  Evermore ships this September 2023 to your favorite LQS.

xo - Jackie 

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